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Mary Cannito-Coville


Phone: 609.771.2956

Dr. Cannito-Coville is an Assistant Professor of Criminology and African-American Studies. She received her PhD in Cultural Foundations of Education from Syracuse University. Her teaching and research interests examine the school to prison pipeline, prison industrial complex, youth violence, and anti-gang policing. Dr. Cannito-Coville is currently at work on a book manuscript based on her dissertation Targeted: Young black men, schools & the consequences of anti-gang policing. Prior to her graduate studies, she was a Fulbright Scholar in the Department of Languages at the Universidad de Medellín in Colombia. She brings a wealth of teaching and leadership experience at the secondary and post-secondary levels. Dr. Cannito-Coville enjoys exploring new places with her husband, Charlie, and sons, Ian and Isaiah. This fall, Dr. Cannito-Coville is teaching Race and Crime (CRI 352). In spring 2019, she will teach this course and a Seminar in Qualitative Methods (CRI 370; fulfills the Advanced Elective Option).


  • CRI 352 Race and Crime
  • CRI 370 Qualitative Methods

Fun Fact:

  • In high school, Dr. Cannito-Coville won an Indoor Track & Field regional championship in Central New York for the 55m hurdle event.