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Alert Posted on March 21st, 2018 at 8:25 pm

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Quantitative Criminology Minor

The Department of Criminology and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at The College of New Jersey have partnered to feature a new minor in Quantitative Criminology.

To enter the minor, students will be required to complete:

One semester of Calculus (MAT 125 or MAT 127)
One semester of Statistics (STA 215)
One semester of Criminology (CRI 205)

The statistics courses included in the minor, to be completed by criminology majors in the minor, consist of:

Design of Experiments (STA 303)
Regression Analysis (STA 305)
Applied Multivariate Analysis (STA 306)
Data Mining and Predictive Modeling (STA 307)
Operations Research (STA 308)

The criminology courses within the minor, to be completed by statistics majors in the minor, consist of:

Research Methods (CRI 306)
Advanced Criminology (CRI 350)
Advanced Criminology (CRI 351)
Advanced Criminology (CRI 352)
Senior Capstone in Policy Analysis (CRI 498)

Students not majoring in criminology or statistics will select five courses for the minor upon advisement from the departmental coordinators: Dr. David Holleran (Criminology) and Dr. Michael Ochs (Mathematics and Statistics).