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Michael B. Mitchell, M.A.

Assistant Professor


Michael B. Mitchell, M.A. (Assistant Professor, African American Studies and Criminology) is a critical criminologist who critiques power, privilege, and racism and their relation to systems of oppression, namely the criminal legal system. He received a B.S. in Administration of Justice from Texas Southern University (TSU), a historically Black university in Houston’s Third Ward; an M.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at Arlington; and is currently completing a Ph.D. in Administration of Justice at TSU. His current research agenda focuses on the impact of the criminal legal system on family life (especially during the reentry process), with emphasis on the parenting experiences, challenges, and resiliency among mothers and fathers with histories of incarceration. Michael is unapologetically committed to social justice and draws from intersectional movements such as Black Lives Matter and Say Her Name to incorporate into his pedagogical and research toolkit. At TCNJ, he will teach courses on social justice, the school to prison pipeline, race, crime, and justice, as well as, newly developed courses on the issue of state violence against people of color through a deeply critical, intersectional lens. He is very active in progressive circles (mainly in TX, NJ, NY) and frequently presents at academic conferences throughout the U.S.

Selected Publications

  • Wilson, S. K., Mitchell, M. B., Bergeson, C., & Williams, J. M. White males’ experiences navigating reentry in a Northeastern city. Forthcoming.
  • Nordberg, A., Davis, J., Mattingly, S., Robinson, S., Keaton, C.J., & Mitchell, M. (accepted January 18, 2020). Transportation barriers to successful reentry among returning citizens: A qualitative interpretive meta-synthesis. The Prison Journal.
  • Mitchell, M. B., & Davis, J. B. (2019). Formerly incarcerated Black mothers matter too: Resisting social constructions of motherhood. The Prison Journal, 99(4), 420-436.
  • Mitchell, M. B., Dodson, K. D., & Cabage, L. N. (2018). Parenting behind bars: The experiences of incarcerated mothers and fathers. In K. D. Dodson (Ed.), Handbook on offenders with special needs (pp. 124-140). New York, NY: Routledge.